Mark HorneCEO and Managing Partner

Mark is CEO and Managing Partner at Plymouth Growth Partners. He joined Plymouth as an investor and advisor in 2005 as an outgrowth of his long term friendship with Ian Bund, Plymouth’s founder, and took over primary leadership of the firm in 2007. Over the past 10 years, Mark has built the firm, driven investment strategy and attracted a strong team of professionals who know how to work collaboratively with entrepreneurs to successfully grow equity value and harvest strong returns.

Mark sourced, closed and exited several successful deals in Funds I & II, including Guidepoint Systems, American Broadband & Telephone, Pump Engineering and Lynx Network Group. He currently serves on the board of several Plymouth portfolio companies.

Having begun his career with Price Waterhouse in Toronto, Mark worked for 20 years as the Chief Financial Officer of several privately-held growth stage businesses, ranging in size from $10 to $150 million. He is a former NJ licensed CPA.

Mark holds an M.B.A. from Widener University and a B.B.A in Business Administration from Cedarville University.


3T Medical Systems
Lynx Network Group (exited)
Relume Technologies (exited)
Image Integration Systems / Docusphere (exited)
Solulink (exited)
Pump Engineering (exited)
American Broadband & Telecomm (exited)
Guidepoint Systems (exited)

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